Financial Strategy & Management

Your marketing, sales, operations and administration can all be running at optimal levels, but how is your financial management supporting your financial needs and objectives?

If your Finances are not in good order, everything you do and your future are all at great risk.

BRIDGE-BDL financial planning, strategy and management provides strategic thinking, structured planning, and financial efficiency to organizations of any size. Whether you are writing a financial strategic plan, or developing strategies for dealing with specific situations, BRIDGE-BDL can help.

Strategic Planning – To identify and accomplish your objectives, you need to develop a solid strategic plan. BRIDGE-BDL will uncover your strengths, weaknesses and use this to help you focus your efforts on activities with the highest payoff.  Whether you need an overall Strategic Plan, a Capital Plan, or a Market Analysis, we provide solid, actionable planning that helps you meet your financial objectives.


Revenue & Pricing Strategies- We will help you develop pricing and revenue strategies, tactics, and procedures that pinpoint your best opportunities for growth.

  • How do your products/services differ from your competitors?
  • Why do customers choose you?
  • What parts of your business generate the most profit?
  • What new areas should you look at to grow the business?
  • And what pricing strategies best meet your goals?


These questions are all part of our financial strategy planning services.

Your business is unique and your strategy should be too.  Positioning your organization for success requires an understanding of what really drives your profits, how your products/services are perceived by your target market, and where you can improve customer and employee experience, increase efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, financial performance.  BRIDGE-BDL works with you to develop tools which bring clarity from the past and present to best prepare your future focus.  Through our financial strategy planning process, we will empower management to strengthen the foundation for your organization, clearly identify areas of opportunity and take profits to new levels.

It is critical to know how to attract and retain profitable customers.  We start by analyzing your current financial records to establish total clarity.  Through this insight, we’ll identify strategies (such as which customers to focus your sales efforts on) which increase your overall profitability.

Efficiency – Typical financial consulting firms can show you how to set up your accounting procedures, create financial statements (bookkeeping), and manage your finance team.  At BRIDGE-BDL we provide so much more being a full-service support partner we discover efficiencies and opportunities that others miss.  Our expertise is in finding cost saving opportunities while building profit and optimizing your overall business performance.  Our financial support services will make a real impact on your bottom line.  We can also optimize your period-end closing procedures in order to provide Senior Management with accurate and actionable financial results in a fewer amount of days.

Expense Management – We will discover costing strategies that uncover ways to control expenses, often without just reducing headcount and or compromising quality and customer satisfaction.  We can help identify challenges such as inefficient processes, insurance or tax issues, or reporting and control errors.

The key to attaining and maintaining profitability is in solid financial management. Our efficiency strategies can help you uncover expense reductions and profit building that other financial consulting firms miss.  And yes, we can be your bookkeepers as well.  BRIDGE-BDL can also perform a Segregation of Duties Review in order to avoid situations that could lead to a costly occurrence of misappropriation of funds or assets.  Don’t leave your business exposed.


ERP Implementation – Whether you are implementing an entirely new ERP system or any software to help run your business, BRIDGE-BDL is here to help.  We can assist in determining which system or software is most suitable for your business needs.  If you’ve already made your selection and are overwhelmed by the next steps, give us a call.  An ERP implementation involves installing the software, moving your financial data over to the new system, configuring users and processes and training your users on the software.  Choosing the right partner for implementing your ERP system is almost as important as selecting the right software in the first place.


Succession Planning – For your company to build success that is sustainable over the long term, you need to have a clear plan for succession.  As your business advisor, succession plans are a key step to building overall financial success.  We take the mystery out of developing a succession plan with our extensive experience, solid analytics-based financial advising, and our personal attention to your unique needs.